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7 generations of creations


"Art of Gypsum" is a company with long experience in the field of building and decoration. It continues a seven-generation tradition to modernize, claiming the forefront of change for the future so that it remains timeless for even more generations. It has the ability to implement effectively beyond the limits of any imagination even the most demanding desires.

It is framed by experienced collaborators with profound insights into art and technique with talent, inspiration and creativity always ready to respond immediately.



The trust that our company has gained in its long course has given us the impetus to enter dynamically in the renovation of professional spaces and homes. You work dynamically in the thermo-facades of simple to metallic buildings with respect to the environment and to man.

We study, design and implement, always ensuring the result is unique and pioneering with consistency, responsibility and, above all, love for the excellent result.


A WIDE GAMA OF PHOTOS FROM LIVING ROOMS - BEDROOMS - KITCHENS - BATHROOMS They will help you come up with a suitable design for transforming your space.

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